Pumpkin Prayers

With Halloween just around the corner, Pastor Peter came in today and spoke about how when we are carving our pumpkins we can pray! It all started with our pumpkin who was given the name of Bob.

  1. Cut out the top of the pumpkin – Open our minds so we can learn about Jesus.
  2. Clean out the inside – Ask God to take all of our sins away and forgive us.
  3. Cut the eyes in shapes of hearts – Ask to open our eyes so we can see God’s love.
  4. Cut out the nose in the shape of a cross – Apologize for ever turning our noses to God and all he has done for us.
  5. Cut ears shaped like the bible – Open our ears to hear God’s word and the Holy Spirit.
  6. Cut out the mouth – Open our mouths so that we can tell others about Jesus
  7. Place a candle inside – Let our lights for Jesus shine in all that we say and do.