Culture of Kindness and Inclusion

This morning Mrs. Szmyrko spoke for our chapel service about kindness and inclusion.

It all started with an egg named Bob. A student came up and was instructed to hit Bob on the stand every time he felt sad because of the things Mrs. Szmyrko was saying to him. Some phrases included, “You need to get ready right now! We have 10 second to get in that vehicle to go to school! I am very disappointed in you right now! You need to hurry up!”

Each time the egg was hit harder and harder against the surface, and soon enough it cracked and then broke!

Next another student came up and was asked to repair Bob as Mrs. Szmyrko said very nice and kind things to the egg. “Bob, you are working so hard today, I am proud of you! You are a great friend to others. You are so good at showing God’s love to others.” After saying a number of kind things to Bob Mrs. Szmyrko asked if the student had fixed Bob so he was back together. However, no matter what the student did or Mrs. Szmyrko said, they couldn’t fix Bob and undo what had been said or done to him.

Our chapel concluded with discussions as to how we can be including of others, and be aware of how our words can’t be taken back. We need to make sure we are using loving and kind words.