A Month of Love

As we have entered into February, our chapels have been preparing and having students think of ways to love on another. Last week we had Mrs. Acres speak about creating a culture of kindness, and sticking up for one another. We have a great opportunity to use kind and loving words to build others up!

This week Pastor Naomi got us right in step with the month of love and asked for students help in creating a Mad Lib love poem for Mr. Matt (her husband). As a school our poem was excellent (see below), and hopefully Mr. Matt doesn’t read this and see what the poem is before it’s given to him!

When I look into your sparkly, red eyes, my heart swims and skates at least 5 inches high. You bring a smile to my arm every 10 hours you’re near. And your voice is like the sound of lions boxing to my ear. My soul is loved away by the words you sit so true. When I hear you say, “Go to bed,” I know I love you.

After creating this wonderful poem, we learnt what Jesus said about love in John 15:12-13.

Here is my command. Love one another, just as I have loved you. No one has greater love than the one who gives their life for their friends.

Pastor Naomi asked what some ways are we show love, or what loving others look like. Some answers were: cuddling with mommy, playing with my sister/brother, having a friend over for a sleepover, helping my siblings, and watching movies all night.

Jesus talked about loving one another by laying down their life, but he didn’t mean we have to die for others, He has already done that. What Jesus means is being willing to set aside things that are important in our life in order to show someone else that they are loved. This could look like letting our friend choose what we do when they’re invited over to play.

Simply put, Jesus tells us that loving others is putting their needs/wants before our own! It’s putting others first!

Pastor Naomi left us with a challenge: think of a way, and ask God how we can show love to others this week and month by putting their needs first.