There’s Always Something Happening!

Here at The Father’s House Christian School there is always something happening! Weekly chapels, physical education trips, science experiments, art projects, music classes, lots of learning, and tons of laughter and smiles. This is a section on our website that we are not great at updating as there are so many things that are happening on a daily basis that it is difficult to keep up with posting about them. If you want to know more, give our office a call or ask your child(ren) what they have been up to!

Our main way of informing parents of the day to day is through our messenger app and sharing photos, videos, and stories from different things we have been up to.

As of late, here are some things we’ve done!
– Chapels from Pastor Stacey and Pastor Tyler about our monthly theme of Courage
– Ukrainian Easter Egg Decorating
– Ski Trips to Sunridge Ski Area
– Starting to Read in KLC
– Developing Reading in ELC
– Learning about Countries Around the World in MLC
– The Great Social Studies Race in JLC
– Book Club Novel Studies in SLC
– Babysitting Course in SLC