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55521 Rge Rd 254
Sturgeon County, Alberta
T8R 0S2

Phone: 780-939-2987

Mission, Vision and Core Values


The Father’s House Christian School, in partnership with the families and The Father’s House Church exists to equip and empower students to pursue academic excellence in a biblically-based educational environment, and to live as disciples who CARE.


Furthermore; the goal of The Father’s House Christian School is to train and equip children in the highest Christian Principles of moral character, personal integrity, spiritual growth, self-discipline, individual responsibility, leadership and academic excellence.


Our school has adopted the values of the Father’s House Church. Whether conducting student chapels, implementing Biblically-based curriculum, supporting the application and memorization of Scripture, or praying with and encouraging students, the staff is devoted to developing disciples who ‘CARE’ and live according to a Biblical worldview.

What is CARE?

CARE is an acronym for our core values; Celebrate, Accept, Receive and Engage. This is what it means to CARE.

Celebrate Jesus Christ in every area of your life. A disciple isn’t just a Christian at Church on Sunday! Everywhere that we go and every day of the week we are to honour Jesus as Lord.

Accept ourselves and others while pursuing maturity together. God accepts us as we are, but that doesn’t mean He wants us to stay as we are. Instead, we are to become like Jesus.

Receive God’s grace daily to fulfill His eternal purposes. It’s not always easy to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, especially where people and circumstances pressure us to be otherwise. So we need to take time to hear from God every day to receive power to live for Him.

Engage our world by equipping one another to CARE. Every believer is meant to help people find their way home to live as disciples. And it is the job of pastors and church leaders to create opportunities for believers to serve in Christ’s church.

“It’s all about relationship, it’s all about CARE”