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Sturgeon County, Alberta
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Our Story

The story of The Father’s House Christian School and The Father’s House Church are closely related. To learn more about the church, click here. The school started in 1985 as Morinville Christian School.


Morinville Christian School started in Mel & Judy Verhulst’s garage in Cardiff with Keith Agrey as Pastor and Principal.


Morinville Christian School moves to 10515 100 Avenue, Morinville, initially renting one bay. By the end of the year, the school expanded to two bays.


The school purchased the property and expands to 3 bays.


The school was officially using the Alberta Program of Studies.





The church purchased a property by Heritage Lake and started plans to build a new church and school.


The name of the school was changed to The Father’s House Christian School.


The building was under construction. We were looking forward to the day when the school and the church would be  in the same location.


The building was completed! We were excited to have our school and church both up and running in the same location.