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All About the Classroom

Biblical-Based Education and World View

The Bible and education from a Christian worldview form the foundation of The Father’s House Christian School. Whether conducting student chapels, implementing Biblical-based curriculum, supporting the application and memorization of Scripture, or praying with and encouraging students, the staff is devoted to developing disciples who ‘CARE’ and live according to a Biblical worldview.

Accelerated Christian Education

The primary vehicle for learning at The Father’s House Christian School is the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum, which is built on the five basic elements of learning:

  1. Students will learn at a level of curriculum where they can perform.
  2. Reasonable goals will be set.
  3. Students will be self-controlled and motivated.
  4. Learning will be measurable.
  5. Learning will be rewarded.

Because children have unique needs, abilities, interests, and experiences, the ACE curriculum provides for individualization and enables students to progress at their own pace. ACE materials are self-instructional. Each student is given an individualized program based on the results of diagnostic testing, which is completed upon entrance into The Father’s House Christian School; thus no learner will be left behind and students are encouraged to reach their fullest potential.

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