To learn more about The Father’s House Christian School, please contact our office to arrange a tour and meeting with our principal.

Application Process

After meeting with the principal and taking a tour of the school, those interested may receive an application package. After the application is submitted, we will contact you to schedule an interview. An appointment for student diagnostic testing will be made after the interview and upon acceptance. Further information is available at our school office regarding admission procedures.


While our school receives Level 2 funding from the provincial government, additional revenue is necessary to meet the school budget and to provide a quality education for your children. Instructional Fees cover costs of curriculum workbooks, field trips and enrichment programs. Non-Instructional Fees cover custodial expenses and school vehicle expenses. A portion of the monthly student fees ($10) goes towards deposits for hot lunch and the Year-End Banquet. Deposits are adjusted at the end of the year once actual numbers are calculated. Please contact the office to make arrangements for a monthly payment plan.

The Father’s House Christian School does not charge tuition, but assesses fees and curriculum costs as follows:

Kindergarten to Grade 8 Student Fees (10 months/year)

Procedure for making payments:

September 15: September monthly fees due

Plus $25.00 Re-enrollment Family Fee (If Applicable)

Plus $25.00 New Student Registration Fee (If Applicable)

Plus $35.00 Diagnostic Testing Fee (If Applicable)

October through June: Monthly fees due on the 1st of each month.


To learn more about our affiliation, click here.

The guidelines for student dress code are: modesty, neatness and cleanliness. A full uniform is to be worn every day, except on designated casual days. Gym clothes are to be available at school every day to accommodate any unexpected change in the schedule. Uniforms should be neat, clean, and modest. Parents are to ensure that their children wear appropriate outside clothing and footwear for the weather conditions as the students will be outdoors at least once almost every day. Students are expected both to arrive at school and to leave from school in uniform, unless they end the day with physical education class. Permission from the teacher is required for exceptions. All items brought/worn into school are required to be clearly labelled (uniforms, footwear, outerwear, mittens). Easy to use labels can be purchased at

Please contact the school for a complete description of the dress code.


There are a variety of methods we use to communicate your child’s progress and to let you know what is going on.

  1. The agendas are sent home daily and are to be signed and returned to school the next day.
  2. Communication envelopes are sent home regularly with students. The envelope is required to be signed by parents/guardians and returned the following day.
  3. Parent and Student Orientation/Meet the Teacher
  4. Award Ceremonies and Parent Interviews
  5. The Father’s House School Christian School App (Login information received with registration packet).

At TFHCS, we primarily use the Alberta Program of Studies across all our grades and subjects to ensure academic outcomes are consistent with the province. Two distinct differences set our school apart:

1. We teach from a Christian worldview that incorporates our Biblical values and truth into the curricular content, ensuring students compare the worldview to a Biblical worldview as they begin to comprehend and understand the differences between them.

2. Content is taught at different ages than recommended to ensure our students’ maturity fits the content, always with parental consent, frequently bringing in pastors to support discussion topics when necessary. Our desire isn’t to protect our children from the world but rather to give them the necessary Biblical truth to face the influences in the world.

TFHCS also implements an independent math and spelling program where each student is provided individualized instruction, working at their own speed through curricular content as they master core curricular concepts.

Students earn merits in many ways (volunteer work, completing special projects, memorizing Scripture, etc.). The merits are spent at the Shine Shop to purchase items they select twice a month. Students can shop for things they may like to purchase, donate their merits, tithe, or save for future purchases.

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